Things my Mother Taught me

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My Mother’s Favorite Sayings:

Thanks to my mother, on balance I have tended to live by these sayings – not consciously, but I am sure they have entered my psyche.

    • “If you haven’t got it in the head, you’ve got to have it in the feet” (meaning, for the uninitiated, “Don’t leave a room empty-handed”).  To this day, I always look around the room I am leaving to collect any empty cups, loose papers or clothing strewn in the wrong place to deposit it in its rightful home.
    •  “What can you expect from a donkey but a kick?” I love this one – my Grandmother used to say it with a slight accent, as in “Vot ken you expect frum a dunkey  but a kick?”
    • “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” (A very wise saying from

Songs my Mother Sang to Me When I was a child:

Thanks to my mother, I still remember many songs of that past era

My mother used to sing to me a lot – many of the popular songs of the time –

             1.  “There’ll be Blue Birds Over the white cliffs of Dover”

              2.”Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Bluebirds Fly”

               3.”Tea for Two, For Me and You”

You don’t hear many of them nowadays, do you?

About Diana Grant

I enjoy reading, collecting books, writing articles and poetry, gardening, cooking, current affairs, craft work, computing, and being with my family. I'm interested in human rights and family law. Until I retired a few years ago, I was a solicitor practising in London. Follow Diana's board Books on Pinterest.
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